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Health Screening

State of the art blood analysis, including genetic markers to indicate a pre-disposition to certain diseases and response to certain medications and complete hormone analysis.

1. Diagnostic Health Test – Blood Markers

  • Platinum Package – For Cardiac & Metabolic
  • Gold Package- For Anti-aging & Cancer (Male / Female)
  • Classic Package – For Basic Wellness

2. Genetic Markers Test

  • Onco
  • Cardio
  • Metabolic
  • Children (Before Puberty)
  • Wellness

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Through supervised treatment, we have found that hormone replacement therapy can significantly reduce or slow the aging process and patients report that they feel healthier, and younger than they have in years. Hormonal imbalances are the root of many chronic health problems and can increase the risk of serious disease. We believe that hormone losses and imbalances are correctible. Through the use of bioidentical hormones, men and women can not only be relieved of the symptoms, but also effectively protect themselves against a myriad of diseases, including osteoporosis and heart disease.

Sexual function can be improved with the proper use of replacement hormones in both men and women. Many patients experience an increase in energy levels and better sleep while on HRT.

Besides relieving menopausal symptoms in women, HRT improves circulation and slows down tissue breakdown associated with aging in both men and women. It also increases the bones ability to retain calcium, which in turn, helps to prevent osteoporosis and lose of teeth. Muscle tone is improved with HRT leading to improvement in “leaky bladders” and increased sexual responsiveness. Some of the other age related conditions that HRT may prevent are atherosclerosis, (“hardening of the arteries”), diabetes, colorectal cancer and glaucoma and macular degeneration, the most common causes of blindness in older people. In our practice, we focus on what hormones you may be deficient in and replace them with bio-identical hormones. Natural or bio-identical hormones have a molecular structure identical to those hormones that the body produces. Therefore, the body treats them as “natural” and there are far fewer side effects.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine takes three interrelated approaches:

Rejuvenation. Rejuvenation means boosting the body's natural ability to heal itself. Though after a cut your skin heals within a few days, other organs don't repair themselves as readily.

But cells in the body once thought to be no longer able to divide (terminally differentiated) — including the highly specialized cells constituting the heart, lungs and nerves — have been shown to be able to remodel and possess some ability to self-heal. Teams within the center are studying how to enhance self-healing processes.

Replacement. Replacement involves using healthy cells, tissues or organs from a living or deceased donor to replace damaged ones. Organ transplants, such as heart and liver transplants, are good examples.

The center aims to expand opportunities for transplants by finding ways to overcome the ongoing donor shortage, the need for immunosuppression and challenges with organ rejection.

Regeneration. Regeneration involves delivering specific types of cells or cell products to diseased tissues or organs, where they will ultimately restore tissue and organ function. This can be done through cell-based therapy or by using cell products, such as growth factors. Bone marrow transplants are an example.

Regenerative medicine holds the promise of definitive, affordable health care solutions that heal the body from within.